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On This Page You Can Find Hundreds Of Books & Artilces On Shia Community, I Tried To Add The Best Books Ranging From A Variety Of Subjects On Shia Creed Like..... History, Beliefs, Laws, Fiqah, Haidait, etc.................. I Do Believe That These Books Will Help You To Find The Right Answers Regarding The Religious, Social, Political, Economical & Personal Issues Which Raise Questions In The Mind To Be Answered.

Note: Please note as these books are written by fallible wirters therefore do not take these books as the last word .... whenever you are in the state of doubt, rather believing blindly, try to judge according to the given facts in comparison with the teachings of Quran & Teachings of Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) .......... May God Bless You All .....

Please Don't Hesitate To Give Me Any Suggestions To Improve This Page..........

Iktishaf Shah

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19 Nov 2012 - Shia Jantri 2013
26 August 2012 - History of The Cemetery of Jannat Al-Baqi (English Book)
24 August 2012 - Syed Zameer-ul-Hassan Tanveer (Late) - Sada-e-Gham - Volume II
15 August 2012 - Mohsin Naqvi (Shaheed Interview)
5 August 2012 - Tareekh-e-Bilal (R.A) (Urdu)
31 July 2012 - Tafseer-ul-Quran - Al-Meezan by Mohammad Hussain Tabatabai  (Urdu)